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  • Tippmann Paintball Sling - 2pt - Black

    The 2 Point Sling is made from a super-strong webbed nylon and accommodates just about any paintball marker allowing 'hands-free' control of your gun.

  • Tippmann Paintball Sling - 3pt - Black

    This 3 Point Tactical Sling has a universal design that accommodates just about any marker and is made from a super-strong webbed nylon. This sling allows you secure, 'hands-free' control of your paintball gun.

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    With the new Empire BT Two-Point/Single-Point Bungee Sling, paintball players can now have the best of both worlds! Carrying a paintball marker with either a single-point, tactical-style sling, or over the shoulder for those long hikes to the staging...

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