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  • Custom Products Tank Regulator Tool

    Custom Products Tank Regulator Tool This handy tool holds your CP tank regulator securely while you remove, install, or work on the regulator. Simply attach the tool to your workbench with two 5/16-18 screws (not included) or clamp it in a vise. New...


    Dye Multi Tool Set

    If MacGyver played paintball, this would be his tool. The new DYE Multi-Tool is loaded with various tools specific to the DYE and PROTO series of markers, all in one small, convenient package. Created to help you get out of any jam, or fix almost any...


    Exalt Paintball Hex Allen Key Set

    It always seems like when you need to make an adjustment you can never find a hex key.A bright colored holder & protective bright coating on each hex key make these sets easy to find in the pits or in your gearbag.4 plating and heat treating...


    Planet Eclipse Muffler Barrel Kit - Autococker Thread - Green

    The Planet Eclipse Barrel Muffler comes in the popular Autococker Barrel Thread. The muffler muffler allows dry firing without the majority of the noise. Not completely silent, but it sure does keep the neighbors from pounding on your door! A must have...


    Planet Eclipse Tool Tube / Allen Key Set - Lime

    A full set of standard allen keys for any marker. Definitely have at least one of these in your gear bagIncludes 7 allen keys (1/4, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 3/32, 5/64, 1/16). Actual color may vary from picture>

  • Tippmann Multi-Tool / Allen Keys

    New Multi-Tool includes 12 marker maintenance essentials:7/16" wrench to loosen the gasline5 allen wrenches for every type of Tippmann markerPhillips screwdriverFlathead screwdriverFile with bottle openerO-ring pickKnife

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