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All About Wicked Sports

Here at Wicked Sports, Inc., we promise to help you make the best buying decisions for YOU, not for our bottom–line. Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned player or anywhere in between, our goal is get you the best possible gear without breaking the bank.

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All About
Wicked Sports

Here at Wicked Sports, Inc., we promise to help you make the best buying decisions for YOU, not for our bottom–line. Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned player or anywhere in between, our goal is get you the best possible gear without breaking the bank.

Here at Wicked Sports, Inc., we promise to help you make the best buying decisions for YOU, not for our bottom–line. Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned player or anywhere in between, our goal is get you the best possible gear without breaking the bank.

Wicked Sports has been a trusted retailer in the paintball industry since 2004. We have recently added Airsoft to our growing product selection as well. Wicked Sports has grown from a tiny part–time business run out of a one–bedroom apartment to a huge retail store and warehouse. We offer a full line of paintball and airsoft gear and accessories. Carrying everything from headwraps to cleats, we can outfit you from head to toe and then some. Be sure to check out the full product lines of many major paintball manufacturers such as Empire, Exalt Paintball, HK Army, Dye Precision, Ninja Paintball, Proto, Planet Eclipse, Valken, Virtue, V–Force Paintball, Tippmann, GI Sportz, Spyder, Custom Products (CP) and many more.

We have the lowest prices allowed in the industry – and if you find it lower, we’ll be happy to match it, using our Price–Match Guarantee. We carry all the best paintball markers (guns), tanks, packs/harnesses, loaders, clothing and protective gear, masks/goggles, barrels, accessories and paintballs. Now, our site also has Reviews on all of the paintball products we offer. Our reviews are written by customers who have either used or purchased that exact paintball product. These customer reviews are a vital part of picking out the right paintball gear to fit your needs.

We strive to have all the paintball gear you will ever need!

If you need advice on which paintball marker is best for you, need help with your marker or just have a question about your paintball experience, give us a call at (813) 933–5630 or message us on "live chat". When you do, you’ll reach one of our sales reps who is guaranteed to have real–world paintball experience. Everyone that works at Wicked plays paintball. We firmly believe that the best advice comes from having hands–on experience with the sport and the products we sell!

Here at Wicked, we are constantly scooping up new inventory so you get the latest and greatest paintball products on the market. With our proximity to World Cup, attendance at all major industry events and close–knit relationships with our manufactures, we often have new items in stock before anyone else in the country! We form quick bonds with new manufacturers and often carry every SKU as soon it becomes available.

Rest assured that when you make purchase from Wicked that your paintball and airsoft items will be handled, packed and shipped with the utmost care. Unlike most online retailers, most of our inventory is on display in our brick and mortar retail store in Tampa. This means it has been visually inspected by one of our trained associates before it makes it onto our shelves or into your hands. Our shipping department is dedicated to getting your order to you timely and correctly. If you have an issue with your order, you get to speak directly to a shipping associate or manager – no bouncing around from department to department.

Our sales teams, customer service reps and shipping department are all cross–trained so that no matter who you speak to you, you can feel confident in your paintball gear purchase from Wicked. Our team has extensive industry knowledge and one of largest retail inventories of paintball gear around. Our expertly–trained paintball professionals are here to help you make the right purchase.

Wicked Deal

This paintball super sale is the best place for you to find an awesome deal on select gear. This item is constantly changing so whether you are a beginner or advanced paintballer, we have the best deals for you. These deals are what your dreams are made of so check out our Deal of the Day today. Also, check out our holiday sales for seasonal markdowns.

Team Gear / Tampa Bay Damage Gear

Wicked Sports is a proud sponsor of Florida’s only professional paintball team, Tampa Bay Damage and its feeder organization TBD Crew. Here you’ll find all the gear Damage wears and more! This section is home to official TBD gear from Virtue, BunkerKings, MacDev and a Wicked Sports–exclusive line of casual wear. From barrel covers to practice jerseys, this is the spot to get everything you need to show your Damage pride!

Paintball Markers

Paintball markers – We carry paintball markers from the leading manufacturers but we only carry markers that we stand behind, believe in and service. We carry Planet Eclipse, Dye, Proto, Empire, Shocker, MacDev, JT, US Army and Tippmann. We guarantee the best price and service online to ensure a great experience ordering your paintball marker. If you have any issues with your purchase, we will usually take care of directly rather than make you deal with the headache of manufacturer warranty service. We are an authorized and certified service center for every marker we sell and our techs are some of the best in the business. We are also a Planet Eclipse Warranty Center, which means we are certified and supplied above and beyond the standard service center. You might even see one of our techs in the Eclipse tent at your next tournament!

The two main factors in choosing your next paintball marker budget and style of play. Just like any major purchase, you should have a budget set before you start shopping and comparing. Paintball markers can cost anywhere from $75 to $2000. Knowing your price range beforehand will help narrow down your search and keep you focused on the markers that are in your budget. Keep in mind, there are 5 general price–points: Under $200 (novice), $250–375 (entry–level), $450–600 (intermediate), $700–1,000 (advanced) and $1,200+ (high–end). Just as you wouldn’t compare a Honda Civic to a Porsche 911, remember that paintball markers are relative to their price–point and should only be compared to markers in the same price–point.

Once you’ve narrowed down a price range, you should consider what type of paintball you’re going to play. There are several types of paintball game play such as tournament, speedball, woodsball, recreational and scenario paintball. Tournament play and speedball require paintball markers that are extremely light, compact, fast and consistent. Something to consider when to choosing a marker is what is included. While all markers come with a barrel cover, replacement parts, oil/lube, tools and a manual, some of them also come with carrying cases, accessories and more. Also, don’t forget most speedball markers can be used in the woods but woodsball markers are too bulky and slow for the speedball field.

Entry–level tournament markers include the Planet Eclipse Etha, Proto Rail and Rail MaXXed, Empire Mini, GOG Xtcy and Spyder Fenix. Be aware that cheaper makers not listed here may seem tempting but are usually more headache than they’re worth. Remember – we only carry the brands that we believe in. Mid–ranged markers fall into two categories, intermediate and advanced. Intermediate markers include Planet Eclipse’s Etek and Gtek, Empire’s Axe, Proto’s Reflex Rail and the Drone 2 from MacDev. The Eclipse markers can both be easily upgraded to OLED screens with the available drop–in screen – they are currently the only mid–level markers with this capability. Representing the advance level are the Empire Axe Pro and the SP Shocker RSX. The Shocker is currently the lightest marker on the market, weighing in at a feather–light 1.7 lbs. It also comes stock with an insert–ready two–piece barrel and two inserts. If you want to look and shoot like a professional, the high–end market is the place to be! We carry professional–grade markers from Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire and MacDev. We can also special order Luxe and Bob Long markers. High–end markers come stock with OLED boards, two–piece barrel kits, carrying cases and more. We are often able to stock limited edition, custom colors, and team edition markers – sometimes are rare as 1 of 1 or 1 of 12. We even commission custom Wicked Sports designs from time to time.

When seeking out the best marker for scenario, woodsball and recreational play, also called recball, be sure consider the material of the marker itself. These markers are very durable and are reminiscent of actual military weapons, often called MilSim or military–simulated markers. With reliability and durability that rivals that of the AK 47, the best woodsball marker assortment comes from Tippmann Sports and the US Army licensed line built by Tippmann. Tippmann Markers range in price from $70 to $500 and can be modeled after your favorite military–style weapon such as M16. Many fields choose the Tippmann 98 Custom as its preferred rental marker due to its ease of use unwavering reliability. High–end woodsball markers include the Dye Assault Matrix, or DAM, Tiberius Arms T15 and the Empire D*Fender. The D*Fender comes with a built–in electronic hopper. The DAM can be both magazine and hopper fed and can shoot up to 20 balls per second. Several woodsball markers are compatible with Tiberius Arms First Strike round, which is a rifled (or spinning) paintball that travels nearly twice as far as a standard paintball with increased accuracy.

Hoppers and Loaders

Paintball markers can only shoot as fast the paintballs are loaded into them, so having the right loader or hopper is a very important piece of your gear. Choosing the best loader comes down to speed, volume and personal preference. While a standard gravity–fed hopper will work perfectly for a mechanical marker, like a Tippmann or Spyder, most electronic markers require an electronic loader. There are two types of electronic loaders – force–feed and continuously agitating. Force–fed loaders, like the Halo Too, Virtue Spire and Dye Rotor and R2 can feed upwards of 25+ balls per second and will easily keep up with any marker currently on the market. Don’t forget your speedfeed lid for easy loading!

Tanks and Air Systems

Wicked has a large selection paintball air systems – an absolute must since paintballs are propelled by air. We have both CO2 and compressed air tanks, also known as HPA Tanks, at the best prices online. All of the tanks we carry are recently built, so as to have the longest possible life. All tanks require hydro–test certification every 5 years so we want to make sure you get the most out of those 5 years. When choosing a tank, there are three things to consider: size/volume, pressure and material. CO2 becomes a liquid when pressurized – one of the only times it IS a liquid – so CO2 canisters are measured by weight to provide a safe and proper fill. CO2 bottles are made of aluminium and come in 12, 20 and 24 oz sizes. HPA tanks offer an advantage over CO2 as they are regulated to expel air at a constant and consistent pressure. They come in two materials, two pressure capabilities and a variety of sizes. Aluminium tanks can hold up to 3000 psi, while carbon fiber tanks can accommodate 4500 psi. The two numbers listed with every HPA tank are the size/volume and pressure. A 48/3000 tank is 48 cubic inches at 3000 psi. We also carry a variety of regulator systems with output pressures as low as 300 psi to as high as 1200 psi, depending on your needs. Also, be sure to pick up tank accessories you may need as we also have a ton of paintball tank parts, paintball tank regulators, paintball tank rebuild kits and paintball tank covers. A proper paintball tank is one of the most crucial pieces of paintball gear you will purchase. Because tanks are both a major investment and easily damaged, be sure to purchase a tank cover, valve protector and fill nipple cover with every tank. If you want to carry your tank on your body as opposed to directly mounted on your marker, check out our selection of remote lines and adaptors.

Masks / Goggles

Paintball masks, as called goggles, are the only required safety gear for anyone and everyone who steps foot on a paintball field. Masks should be chosen with great care and consideration as it will not only keep you safe but also comfortable throughout the day. We recommend you don’t skimp on your mask because the mask you wear can make or break your day. We always suggest masks with thermal lenses. The dual–pane design of these lenses will prevent your mask from fogging up and ensure maximum visibility in all conditions. Higher–end masks will be more comfortable, flexible and customizable than lower–end masks. We carry masks from Dye, Empire, JT, US Army, Valken, V–Force and the immensely popular Virtue Vio. The VIO debuted in 2014 and has dominated the market since its inception. In our mask section, you can also find aftermarket lenses, replacement pieces, lens stickers and other accessories so you can trick out your mask. You can also find cleaning solutions, protective cases and microfiber cloths there. When purchasing replacement lens, straps and goggle parts, take note that these parts are specific to the mask. If you need assistance, we’re just a phone call or "live chat" message away.

Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks

Everyone needs a stylish and functional way to get their paintball gear to and from the field! Our paintball gear bag section has a huge selection of gear bags, marker cases, backpacks and protective cases. Paintball bags and backpacks are unique from standard duffels and bags because they are specially designed to keep your paintball gear safe. Many of the bags have padded areas for markers, masks, tanks and gear. In addition, several of them have easy–to–clean, waterproof interiors and separate areas for your muddy, smelly cleats. Make your life easier and your gear safer by picking up a gear bag and coordinating cases today! If you need help choosing the right size, style and color from your favorite paintball company, contact one of our, associates by phone, live chat or contact us page.

One of the most important things you want to consider for when choosing a paintball gear bag is size. You want to make it fits your equipment but still fits in your vehicle. Some people want to hold all of their paintball gear in a single bag while others want to have the ability to carry specific equipment separately. Many times, when choosing a paintball gear bag, customers don’t realize the sheer volume of these bag when shopping online. These paintball bags tend to look smaller on screen, so please take note of the dimensions and empty weight. Many of the larger gear bags weigh between 15 and 25 pounds when empty. By the time they are loaded with your paintball gear, a full–size gear bag can weigh up to 100 pounds! Dye, Planet, Eclipse, Empire, Exalt, Virtue and Valken all make full–size bags. The Planet Eclipse Classic Gear Bag is among the most popular but the Virtue and Exalt bags are becoming fast favorites. Exalt also makes an entire line of carbon fiber protective cases for everything from tanks to sunglasses. Marker bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every marker out there – including our very own Wicked Sports marker case. It is one of the few cases that will fit Empire Mini, Empire Ave and Proto Rail as it can accommodate a 12" one–piece barrel. Its neoprene construction and elastic–loop storage system makes it a great option of almost any speedball marker.

Paintball Barrels

The barrel of your paintball marker is one of the most important factors when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. Take a look at our huge selection of paintball marker barrels. An upgraded barrels is the easiest upgrade for better accuracy and shot consistency. Stock barrels tend to be overbored to provide enough room for any and every paint possibility. Upgrading to an aftermarket barrel is often the first and only improvement you will need to be more competitive on the field. We carry a wide variety paintball barrels from practically every manufacturer in paintball and have great deals in our barrel section. Most aftermarket barrels are honed and polished to a specific bore size, to the thousandth of an inch, to give your paintballs the best possible accuracy.

When choosing a barrel for your paintball marker, be sure to get the right barrel thread. More than 15 different types of threads that have been used over the years but these days, only a handful are still used commonly. Most speedball or electronic markers use Autococker threading, while Tippmanns and Spyders still use their proprietary threading. Autococker threading has been adopted across the majority of the speedball marker industry and is now used by Dye, Empire, Planet Eclipse, Shocker and many more. If you’re unsure type of barrel your paintball marker requires, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you choose the one that is compatible with your marker and style of of play.

While almost all paintballs are .68 caliber, the size of each particular ball can vary greatly, especially across the different grades. Traditionally, higher end paintballs tend to have a smaller bore size than field grade and big–box store paintballs. Finding the right bore size for the paint you’re shooting is almost as crucial as choosing the right barrel thread. A snug fit around the ball will ensure your paint goes exactly where you want it to go. Choosing a bore size that is just large enough to fit the ball without breaking it in the barrel is the way to get the best distance and accuracy on every shot. There are a few different types of paintball marker barrels. The most economical is the single piece paintball barrel. Starting around $30, it’s an easy and budget–friendly upgrade to make to your marker. A smaller bore size, such as .685 is great for cooler, drier areas and smaller paint sizes, while the larger .689 is preferred for field grade paints and humid weather. A 2–piece barrel gives you the option to change bore sizes, without having to change the tip – a great option for those players who want to customize their barrel while keeping the color–coordinating barrel tip. The most advanced option is a kit with barrel that features removable inserts or sleeves that determine the bore size. Its great for players that demand the best shot every time. The removable inserts come in a vast array of sizes, materials and prices. Most high–end markers have high–quality barrels that don’t necessarily need to be replaced unless you go to an insert kit. Some companies, like Planet Eclipse, offer an insert–ready back to coordinate with the stock barrel. If you choose an insert kit, don’t forget to pick up an Exalt ball size gauge for easy on–the–fly sizing.

Paintball Clothing & Casual Apparel

Our Clothing & Apparel selection is the perfect place to find both protective and casual wear. We carry the most current paintball clothing and protective gear from almost every manufacturer around. Whether you want to be padded from head to toe or just be the best dressed player on the field, we’ve got the selection you need and want! Check out our massive selection of t–shirts, shorts, pants, jerseys, gloves and padding.

Paintball pants are one of the most important pieces of paintball clothing you will ever purchase. Most paintball pants come with adjustable waistbands and cinching at the ankle so every player can find the perfect fit. Look for a pair with plenty of flexibility, breathable insets and good knee protection. You may wear several different jerseys but a good pair of pants will be your best friend on the field. Speaking of jerseys, look for one with the features that are important to you. Some players like jerseys with lots of padding, while others prefer them as light as possible. Some features to consider are attached gloves, durable forearm material, breathable mesh areas and attached microfiber for easy lens cleaning.

Pads and protection will keep you safe on the paintball field. Commonly worn paintball protective gear includes: elbow and knee pads, chest and neck protectors, gloves and head cover. Padding should be worn under your jersey, shirt or pants and fit snugly but not too tight. Padding will protect you from the impact of the ball, keep the remnants of the hard gelatin shell away from you skin and help keep you in the game longer by providing a softer surface, making paintballs less likely to break on you. Sensitive areas like hands and neck often suffer the most when hit, so check out our wide array of gloves and neck protectors. Knee and elbow pads not only protect you from the paint, but also from the ground and you dive and crawl around to eliminate your opponent.

Head cover is also an essential piece of protective gear since it is very common to get shot in the head or mask, as it’s the most often exposed part. Paintball head protection options are vast and include hats, ballcaps, beanies, sweatbands, headwraps or headties. Beanies are great for cooler weather and they cover your entire head but can be too warm for hot, summer days. Backwards facing ballcaps, both padded and standard, are very popular on the fields but aren’t comfortable for everyone to wear under their mask. Headwraps, headbands and headties are the most common because they offer ample forehead protection and absorb sweat from your head. Headwraps have a mesh cover that goes over the top of your head and covers the back of your neck, while headbands and headties do not. Headbands and headwraps often fasten with a Velcro closure while headties are closed by a knot at the back of your head.

Drops, Rails, ASAs, On–Offs

Drop forwards, rails, ASAs and On–Offs will let you attach your air system to your marker in the way that best fits you and your style of play. You can upgrade a direct ASA to an On–Off ASA for safety and ease of use or add a drop forward to make your marker more compact. Drop forwards allow you to adjust how compact your paintball marker is by lowering the tank and moving it forward so there is less space between your shoulder and the end of your barrel. If you want to change the ASA, you may need to add a rail attachment. ASA rails attach directly to your marker and enable you to mount a variety of ASAs via the rail.

Lube, Batteries, Tech Mats and Tools

These general accessories are universal parts that can be used with many different paintball markers. We recommend you clean and maintenance your marker after every day of play. The tools and accessories in this section will allow you to keep your marker performing at its best. We suggest you always keep a supply of fresh, good quality, spare batteries in your gear bag just in case. When the battery in your marker gets low, it can cause everything from missed shots or air leaks. Always change the battery before you call a tech – it may save you a service fee! Using the right lubricant for your marker is also imperative. If you’re not sure whether your marker needs oil or grease, feel free to call our tech department for advice. Tech mats protect both the surface that you’re working on and keep you marker from getting scratched during the cleaning process. They are great investment and make awesome desk pads too!

Bundles & Combo Packages

These packages make it convenient and easy to get everything you need all for one low price. We carry several combo packages and are happy to help you build one if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this section. Our sales staff loves helping customers find the right gear.

Marker Parts & Upgrades

Here you’ll find some of the most popular upgrades as well as rare and hard–to–find replacement parts such as discontinued grips for Dye markers, colored grip sets for Planet Eclipse markers, aftermarket and stock replacement boards, laser eyes, o–rings, aftermarket bolts, feed necks, regulators, and triggers. We have all the parts you need to repair, refurbish or upgrade your paintball marker.


Because we cannot guarantee the safety and quality of paint by the case once it leaves our location, we do only ship grenades and First Strike rounds via our website. We recommend that you always shoot fresh paintballs because they are more accurate and have good consistent shells and fills. Please support your local paintball field by purchasing paint through them. Avoid buying paint at big box sporting goods and department stores – there’s no telling how long they’ve been sitting on those shelves.

When buying paintballs, either in our store or at your local field, it’s important to know the differences in the grades and prices. A low–end or field grade paint will have a thicker, harder shell and a thinner, duller paint. This makes the paint difficult to break on your opponent and hard to see when you do get a break. As paint goes up in price, the shell gets thinner and more brittle and the fill gets thicker and brighter. Tournament grade paints break very easily and are readily identifiable from across the field. Recreational players usually benefit from shooting a mid–grade. The better the paint, the less you have to shoot to eliminate your opponent. Also, low–end paintballs tend to have more imperfections and be less round, therefore will not fly as straight as higher grades. Be aware that some markers, especially woodsball and low–cost markers, will not be able to accommodate high–end paintballs, as the paint is so brittle that will break in the breach of these markers.

Harnesses, Pod and Pod Loaders

Having enough paint on the field can be the difference between winning and losing a point, game or match. Choosing the right harness or pod pack will make it possible to carry the perfect amount of paint on you without dragging you down. The come in a variety of sizes and shapes. While the smallest packs carry 2 or 3 pods and fasten with a belt and a clip, the largest has a double–layer adjustible elastic harness that attacks with multiple Velcro layers and can carry up to 13 pods – that’s an entire case of paint!! speaking of pods, any experienced player will tell you, you can never have too many pods. They disappear worse than socks in dryer! Also, keep yourself from spilling paintballs all over the ground with a handy pod loader. Exalt’s microfiber pod swab is the perfect tool to keep your pods sparkling like new.

Scenario Vests & Tactical Gear

From fully customizable molle loop vests to budget–friendly vests designed to carry your tank and pods, you can find all your vests and accessories in this section. We carry a full line of vest attachments, including modular molle attachments, patches and slings and holsters.

Miscellaneous Accessories

From umbrellas to mosquito repellent bands, if it doesn’t fit in any other category, you can find it here. Fun and novelty items featuring your favorite paintball brands fill this section.

Sticker, Banners & Posters

Show off your brand loyalty and love for the game with our huge assortment of stickers, banners and posters. Tell your fellow rush–hour commuters that you’d "Rather Be Playing Paintball" with a bumper sticker or get your APPA–approved loader numbers here. Show your friends how awesome paintball is, even when you’re not on the field.

Gift Certificates

Wicked Sports gift certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the sport of paintball. It’s always the right size and is guaranteed not to be exactly what they wanted. No re–gifting necessary! Gift certificates can be used online or in our Tampa location.


Most of the items in our clearance sale paintball gear section are discontinued items from previous model years. They are all brand new, unless otherwise noted. Most paintball manufacturers release new prints, patterns, gear and markers every year – sometimes twice a year. So leftover discontinued products get marked down, sometimes as much as 70%. Our paintball clearance section will feature a selection of paintball gear and accessories at a fraction of the current year pricing. We often have closeout parts and other items long after everyone else has sold out of them – so be sure to check here if there’s something you can’t find anywhere else!