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DLX Luxe ICE Paintball Marker - Dust Gold / Silver

$1,499.95 $1,199.95 (You save $300.00)


DLX Luxe ICE Paintball Marker - Dust Silver / Gold

Since its inception, the LUXE has been designed as the ultimate luxury paintball marker. The LUXE design team took no short-cuts in providing the pinnacle of performance with fast and efficient maintenance and red-carpet customer service.

The new LUXE ICE continues that tradition, incorporating improvements based in both material finishing and fluid dynamics for better efficiency, lower pressure operation and an ever improving feel without sacrificing reliability, stability, good looks or the incomparable feel of taking out your opponent with a LUXE.

Ultra-Low Friction Bolt System – New nickel and PTFE bonded Internal Ceramic Elastomer (ICE) finishes on the LUXE ICE bolt create a surface that remains durable and seals against o-rings with less friction than ever before. Less friction means less energy is spent moving the bolt, improving reliability. While it isn't recommended for extended use, the new bolt finish is so slick it can shoot without lubrication.

Low Pressure – Redesigned valve structure has dropped the operating pressure of the LUXE ICE an average of 40psi lower than previous models, for even gentler handling of brittle break-on-contact tournament grade paintballs.

Low Resistance Gas Path – Applying the principles of fluid dynamics, the entire path compressed air takes through the LUXE ICE valve system was analyzed and improved to maximize efficient gas expansion and minimize energy losses to resistance.

More Efficient – With less internal resistance and drag, the LUXE ICE is averaging 14% more shots per fill than previous models.

Billet Machined Unibody – The entire Luxe ICE body is milled from one continuous piece of aerospace-grade aluminum. CNC subtractive manufacturing techniques remove all of the metal that isn't a Luxe ICE to unveil the beauty within – with no seam between the main body and vertical regulator.

Regulator Grip Insert – The LUXE ICE grip panel is available in matching accent colors for style or high-friction polymer for a solid grip.

Quick-Change Trigger – LUXE ICE trigger geometry allows the trigger to be removed and adjusted / upgraded without removing the grip frame!

Integrated Vision Bus – Wires no longer get in the way of removing the Luxe grip frame for maintenance or cleaning. New with LUXE ICE, integrated connectors automatically link the LUXE ICE circuit board to the VisionTM sensors in the body when the grip frame is installed.

Quick Pivot ASA – With one quick flip, the cam-free design of the integrated hoseless ASA gasses up the LUXE ICE or turns off the air supply and vents the supply side gas path.

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